"inside us there is a word we cannot pronounce and that is who we are"
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    Watch your step. Angels landing, Zion NP

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    The most adorable plumber in the world.

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    Pride & Prejudice (2005) + Photoshop


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    Qui nous protège de la police?
    (Who protects us from the police?)

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    I took my cat on his first walk yesterday

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    Here’s the bottom line: We’re making progress, but the gender pay gap still exists at all income levels, and widens as people get older.

    Highly-educated women with professional degrees tend to begin their careers at approximately the same salary level as their male counterparts, but as their careers progress, a gender gap opens up. By their late 30’s, men with professional degrees earn 50% more than their female counterparts.

    So how do we fix that? Beginning with the first bill he signed into law, President Obama’s been fighting to help women receive the pay they deserve. But he can’t do it all by himself. Congress needs to act to help ensure equal pay for women.

    That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed our charts. I had a blast. —Betsey

    We can’t get enough of these Women’s Equality day posts from ilovecharts! Make sure to check out the whole series!

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    Ducklings have great brakes.

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